Cliff at Lyons Wedding Photographer


A rainy day at the Cliff at Lyons

“We even took shelter under the umbrella at one point standing on the table.”

Being a Cliff at Lyons wedding photographer on a rainy day is ridiculously easy when you have a couple as fun as Aideen and Philip . Wedding photography when it’s pouring buckets can be difficult when the bride and groom are concerned about the dress, suit, shoes and hair. Like most people you want to look your best throughout the day. But then there’s those couples that look good no matter what and brave the elements for some fun and wet photos.
Couples like Aideen and Philip, oh and their bridal party didn’t really have a choice but they made light of the rain too.

Thankfully outside the Cliff at Lyons has lots of nooks and crannies not far from the reception. Which meant an easy run to the building when the heavier rain started. We even took shelter under the umbrella at one point standing on the table. Ireland being Ireland, there was a gap when the clouds parted and gave us enough time to get a few photos without having to dash for cover.

Overall a fantastic day with a really positive couple made me realise just how to make the most of a rainy day.

Other suppliers on the day included:

Jessica Whelan the Make up artist. The Bumblebee Honey band and AbFab flowers.