Howth Elopement Wedding Photography in Ireland

Should I get Howth Elopement wedding photography? Absolutely, it’s a must, without doubt, it’s such a beautiful location here in Ireland. It’s a very popular spot and there’s a lot of tourists but if you’re not in a rush and prepared to slow down and let the scenery take you away then I wholeheartedly recommend Howth as a place to remember your wedding day. Which is exactly what Kyle & Ciaran did for their wedding photos. Like so many couples, they couldn’t go ahead with their Big day due to COVID19. So, they registered their wedding in Dublin with a couple of friends and then met me the next day at Howth Cliffs. For the next hour or so we walked down the cliff walkways admiring the views and chatting about everything and anything that comes with trekking in classy suits.  Speaking of which, their Louis Copeland suits were more than up to the challenge of the steep descent down to the Tiny Hidden Beach. Definitely not for anyone who has the slightest tinge of vertigo. I still don’t know how they managed to walk down the cliff whilst still preserving their beautiful bouquets from The Wild Bunch.

Kyle and Ciaran really enjoyed the beach, with Kyle coming from California and spending a great deal of time soaking up the sun on the sand. He always felt at home once there was a horizon of water to be seen. In fact, the two of them had hopes of buying a dream cottage in Scotland by the sea! (I’ve been told that dream came true later that year and was even more surprised to hear that it snowed on the Scottish beach too.) Once down at the beach, we loved how the rock features complimented their suit colours. It was as if it was all “planned” but like so many of my weddings it was nothing more than a pleasant surprise.

Once we settled on the beach, I took out the little drone and sent it high in the sky to get some drone photos of Ciaran & Kyle on the rocks much to the annoyance of everyone else trying to get away from technology. I only use the drone when requested as it eats up a lot of time setting it up but when you do eventually get it up and flying then wow, the rewards are amazing.

I forgot to mention that we started off taking photos with these huge helium filled Mr. and Mr. Balloons from Balloons HQ. Obviously we couldn’t take them with us so we decided they’d “pop” each others balloon. I’m sure there’s an analogy in there somewhere but I’m struggling to come up with something other than “you take my breath away” which is just way too cheesy.

A little further away from the cliff walk was a copse of trees where Kyle and Ciaran wanted to try out some smokebomb photography. They only had a couple of smokebombs so we took our time setting up the shot knowing there was only about 10 seconds to get it right. All in all, a fantastic few hours spent photographing this great couple and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding celebrations when lockdown restrictions have eased considerably.