Meath – Gay Wedding Photographer – Clonabreany House

Clonabreany House Wedding Photographer

R & K

From the moment Robert & Kealan booked me as their wedding photographer in Clonabreany I felt truly blessed. They were just amazing people to be around with on the day. As soon as I arrived at Clonabreany House for the wedding photography I felt ridicuously at ease. There was just this energetic lively buzz that really inspired me on the day. Oh, and a lot of presents. There were gifts for the mothers, the dad, the bridesmaids, the flowergirls and the pageboy. Not just any auld presents but personalised gifts that made me reflect on just how bad a gift giver I was to my own family! Kealan’s gift of a hand painted picture of Robert and Kealan as priests done in a Father Ted style was pure class. It had us all in stitches.

It truly was a Christmas wedding in Summer. I was hugged and introduced to both sides of the family upon arrival. Feel-good tunes blared from the speakers in the hotel room as the bridesmaids, mothers and flowergirls got their make up done by the talented Nikki Kavanagh (who also sang at the ceremony and was very much a dear friend to the boys). The lads had given the bridal party their own styling session. That was pretty much the theme of the day. Everyone that had been invited were treated with such a welcoming that we all felt ten foot tall. Even the table settings had their thoughtful touch. Imagine going to a wedding and finding out the printed menu had your own personalised name at the top. Your own menu! You bet everyone took that menu home with them.

Robert & Kealan had both booked me online from Australia. We met up when they got back home prior to the wedding. They knew exactly how to plan the day without the wedding stress that can be overwhelming to most couples. Of course, it helped that Robert was an event coordinator and Kealan a studio stylist. They knew exactly how to make the wedding day they envisioned. This took a lot of organising beforehand so that they could just relax on the day. Between us we came up with a schedule for the family photos and the couple photos. When it came to wedding photography they only wanted to spend 40 mins max on photos. Everything else was just me capturing their day as it happened. The variety in their photos came from all the wonderful surprises in between the schedule. There was the amazing balloon theme which really lifted the room (can’t resist the dad jokes) the sparklers and of course the fireworks which no one knew of until the very end! That was a hard gift to keep secret as it involved the entertaining Pink Champagne ushering the guests outside to see the “sparklers”.

Thanks lads for having me as your wedding photographer in the wonderful Cloanabreany House. Can’t wait to deliver your album next!