Mount Druid Wedding Photographer Autumnal Fun

I really don’t get out to as a Mount Druid wedding photographer as much as I would like. Every wedding I’ve done there I’ve walked away thinking “but there’s so much more”. Mount Druid has everything to offer any couple looking for an alternative fun quirky venue. It’s a vast venue of eccentric goodness, so large they have their own shuttle bus that takes guests from a tin chapel to a boathouse and then onto a barn reception. It’s got the mood of a festival and as any festival goer knows, there’s a lot of wandering around getting lost in the atmosphere. Before you know it, the gig is over and you’re screaming an encore. When it comes to wedding photography at Mount Druid I’m desperate for the next gig!

So when Carol & Joel booked me a year before their big wedding day at Mount Druid, I was delighted to be going back again. One of their main concerns was that I captured their two little boys enjoying the celebrations. These kids gave it socks too. From the prep till the dances, the two lil’ lads got up to all sorts on the day. My favourite moment was just before the first dance. I have kids of my own and they can get cranky after 9pm but these kids were lil’ troopers, I was hoping for a tantrum or two ( I think they make great photos) but I got nothing, well, maybe one or two sulky pouts. Anyway, just before the dance, the youngest of the two was sitting on Carol’s lap and he just let out this long open yawn that made me and a few other guests watching go “ahhhh”. It’s a funny thing but as a parent there’s nothing more wonderful knowing that your kids had such a good time they’re just knackered, that good kind of tiredness. My kids are a bit older now but when we drove home from our day trips, I used to love watching them fight sleep in the back of the car. Eventually they’d succumb to dream and I’d sometimes drive slower just to let them enjoy the car siesta. When we’d finally arrive home, they’d hold on tight to me as I brought them indoors. Then it’ll begin again…”Are we home yet Dad? What can I eat?”