Wrights Anglers Rest Wedding Photographer and City Hall


Wrights Anglers Rest Wedding Photographer and City Hall


I got to be Wrights Anglers Rest wedding photographer today! I had such a blast being the wedding photographer for Eimear & Aidan’s wedding at Dublin City Hall and Wrights Anglers Rest. City Hall is a captivating blend of history and romance, and as a seasoned wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of immortalising their enchanting love story. It was great craic being with a couple that strolled to Dublin City Hall making sure to get chips from Burdocks along the way. Then after the ceremony, another stroll to the pub for sambos and drinks, followed by an intimate reception at Wrights Anglers Rest, a top-rated wedding venue in Phoenix Park. A captivating tale of love would be an understatement. Their family, friends and kids had me enthralled, I went home with a squint from looking through my camera all day!


Dublin City Hall Wedding Photography: A Story of Love & History


When love and history intertwine, the result is a breathtaking wedding ceremony at Dublin City Hall. As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I had the privilege of witnessing the union of this beautiful couple amid the timeless architecture and grandeur of this iconic landmark. The picturesque setting offered a plethora of opportunities for capturing intimate moments and creating stunning portraits that in all fairness, I could have pointed the camera anywhere and I’d have taken a fantastic wedding photo.


As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I understand the significance of choosing the perfect backdrop for couples to say their vows. Dublin City Hall provided the ideal mix of elegance and historical charm, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable wedding day.


Intimate Reception at Wrights Anglers Rest: A Cosy Wedding Venue


Following the heartwarming ceremony, the celebration continued at Wrights Anglers Rest, a hidden gem tucked away in Phoenix Park. Renowned for its intimate ambiance and exceptional hospitality, this top-rated wedding venue offered the perfect setting for a cosy and inviting wedding reception.


As a Wright’s Anglers Rest wedding photographer with an eye for detail, I was captivated by the rustic yet elegant interior of Wrights Anglers Rest. The warm and inviting atmosphere provided the ideal canvas for candid and heartwarming photographs.


The Dance of Love: Celebrating with the help of Block Rockin Beats


As the evening progressed, Wrights Anglers Rest transformed into a lively dance floor, filled with laughter and music. As a wedding photographer, I captured the genuine moments of joy as the newlyweds shared their first dance surrounded by their loved ones. The intimate setting of the venue created an atmosphere of closeness and celebration, bringing everyone together in a spirit of love and unity. Even Granny got in on the action!


As a wedding photographer in Dublin, I am privileged to be a part of such heartfelt celebrations, capturing cherished memories that last a lifetime. The Dublin City Hall wedding, followed by the cosy reception at Wrights Anglers Rest, embodied the essence of love and history combined with warmth and intimacy.


For couples seeking an enchanting blend of elegance and cosiness for their special day, Dublin City Hall and Wrights Anglers Rest are undoubtedly the perfect choices. As a wedding photographer dedicated to preserving love stories in the most captivating way, I can confidently say that this union of historical grandeur and intimate charm is a match made in heaven, making it a wedding day to be treasured forever. Any questions, please do get in touch!